Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Witch Hazel

Introducing Witch Hazel....

Isn't she sweet!

I've had such fun ("such fun" as Miranda's mum says!) making her.

She has mad witchy hair made from eyelash yarn.

A pretty black pinafore with tiny pale yellow and mustard flowers all over,
and an embroidered ribbon edging at the hem.
A matching hat.

Gold bloomers and blouse with faint stars on
 (you probably can't see them very well in the photos - but it's lovely fabric!) 

And tiny little yellow buttons

Ooo and don't forget her stripey tights with black felt boots.
I think she's getting ready for Hallowe'en, what do you think .....?

*   *   *

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Fashion Show

It's a fashion show - but the kind that my younger self would have loved (although there still is a bit of that little girl in me as I love "playing"!

When I was little it was Sindy and Barbie dolls. 
I think there was a kind of doll war going on between them as to which was the most popular. 
 For me it was Sindy all the way!

Nowadays it seems that Barbie has won the doll war
as I don't think I've seen a Sindy for a few years now. 
Although Barbie had better watch out as Monster High seems to be the place to be ...

I used to spend hours playing with my Sindy dolls - and I had a few - including two of my mum's!
They all had names and their own personalities. 
I loved dressing them and making up stories! 
I remember one year my dad made me a big wooden wardrobe and painted it pink
 - and it was much bigger than the ones you could buy. 
My Nanny must have spent hours at the sewing machine
as she had made me absolutely loads of clothes to go in my new wardrobe - my idea of Sindy heaven!

So when my own little girl got into dolls - and by then Barbie had the edge - I was in my element! 
I spent so many evenings leading up to one Christmas with my knitting needles
knitting a whole load of clothes - I had so much fun!
Sadly I don't know where all of her dolls and clothes went. 
 Mine I remember giving to a God-daughter
when I was in my early twenties (I saved them for that long!). 
 Actually I feel awful saying that I regret giving them away -
 I should have kept them - perhaps for Alexandra
- or perhaps for me to have a sneaky regression back to my childhood!

So, I thought I'd give knitting a few a go to see if there are any little girls around now
 that love their dolls as much as I did.

I'd made a couple a while back - of which one set went at a Craft Fair
and then the other has been in The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium. 
 At the end of the summer holidays a young lady and her mum came in to buy it. 
They said they'd seen it the day before and loved it - and that they'd taken my card. 
I said that I was thinking of making a few more ...
 and the young lady's eyes lit up and her mum was nodding saying "oh that would be great"
 ... so out came the knitting needles!

So here is my Autumn fashion range so far!

I thought it would look better with photos of them being worn - what do you think?

I must admit - I've had fun!
All outfits knitted so far have been from the website - there are tons and tons and tons of lovely patterns there!
*   *   *
On another matter - completely different - I've crocheted a pair of these

In some lovely soft grey speckled yarn
as I've recently heard some very exciting news!  Can't say anymore right now as it's not been publicised that much yet ... but just to say ... I am so EXCITED!!!!!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Seasalt Inspired

I have finished the Seasalt inspired blanket and it is now in The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium in Yeovil.

Do you remember how I was dithering over colour choices and combinations?  And then suddenly hit on the idea of using my Seasalt bag colours as inspiration ...

I did a simple granny square style border in alternating colours with the parchment background.  Unfortunately didn't have enough mauve to use that in the border but I do think the other three look good, and a border always finishes it off well, doesn't it?

When I measured it I realised I'd made this one square!  I hadn't planned to, but isn't it funny how your work turns out sometimes!

I took it into The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit yesterday and it's looks pretty good - albeit I say that myself!

I've loved working with this colour combination too - it's been refreshing to use colours that perhaps I wouldn't usually chose.  I do feel that the more I work with yarn and fabric - the more I enjoy experimenting with different palettes.  It's nice to have a play around!


Monday, 15 September 2014

Wise Owls keep keys safe!

Today I have finished off four of my little owl keyrings.

Aren't they cute?!

I decided that I'd name them this time for them to go into The Crafty Phoenix Unit
and give them a bit more character!

I did have trouble getting nice clear photos of them singularly. 
For some reason it looked fine until I pressed the button and then it all blurred. 
Technology eh?

Finally managed to snap them hanging over the top of Loki's hutch!

So ... introducting Ophelia, Olivia, Otto and Otis! 

*   *   *

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Trixie and The Blues

I have finished The Blues crochet blanket!

I absolutely love this one, I think mainly because one of my favourite colours is blue - and I just think that this one with the different blues all bordered by white look so fresh and pretty!

I think Trixie agreed with me.  Trixie is one of our cats.  She's a petite tortoiseshell with the hunting skill of a tiger!  She has become quite partial to this blanket and "helped" me several times with the border and the sewing in of ends!

The Blues is now ready to go into The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium ... hopefully to find a new owner soon.  I have also posted it onto my Etsy page as a product that can be ordered and made up especially by ME! 

That way The Blues is "out there" in two places!

Oh and I've also "pinned it" on my Pinterest board - The Crafty Phoenix Lady. 

I would really appreciate any feedback (and not have to rely on Trixie's!)

Doesn't she look so sweet here?!  Honestly you wouldn't believe what a demon she is - and the little dirty stop-out has had two nights' out this week and not come in for her supper and bedtime!

*     *     *

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Project Bag Swap

I can now show you the Project Bag I was making the other week. 
 It has arrived at it's USA destination - so I won't be spoiling the surprise.
This was part of a Project Bag swap that was organised in the Project Bag Forum on
I love taking part in the swaps
- not just because of what I'll receive -
but of what I can make for someone else and how to find things that I think they will like.

The request was for a bigger project bag and to be preferably zipped as her children quite often knock her project bags around, so she wanted the work in progress to be kept safe.

It is lined with pink - one of her favourite colours
  - and the outside is one of my favourites - the Italics and Cherubs fabric (as I have christened it!).  This fabric is thicker and hopefully more durable.

A nice thick handle long enough to have over the shoulder.

Here's the little extras I added to the parcel...
And here is Heather's daughter beautifully showing off the bag for her mum. 

Isn't she adorable!
Here's hoping the bag gets lots of use.
*  *  *
Now for the bag I received. 
We had different partners so mine was beautifully created by Karen in the USA.
It arrived in such a pretty box
Sneaky peek ...

And look! 
My fantastic new project bag has cats and sewing machines all over it ...
it's absolutely spot on for me!

And look at the base - it is clear!  Ideal for seeing what's in the project bag!

And these were the goodies inside ...

Lots more Kool Aid for me to dye with! 
I'm like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to dyeing with Kool Aid
 - I just love the combinations I can create.

And two fat quarters which are perfect for me!

So - a huge thank you to Karen - for my wonderful swap package!
*   *   *   *   *