Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sewing and Knitting the Blues

I have been working on some commissions and other things and they are blue (well most of them)!


There are two bags that I am making for the baby boy who had the first lot of personalised bunting.  He's having a P.E. style bag and a bigger (probably bucket style) bag for when he goes to nursery.

I have been playing around with ideas in my head and have decided to go for a blue and stars theme.

I am going to add his name and some other bits.

They'll probably be added tomorrow. 
But in the meantime I am loving these! 
Blue is one of my favourite colours and you know when you like a colour
- it just makes you smile and feel good!
Look at my backside! 
 He he!
 Look at the back of the work - I'm so chuffed with myself as it is looking so neat.

So that's one in production.

The next has been finished.  This is for a good friend of mine's son.

He was after a waterproof lined swimming bag. 
I gave him a choice of fabric after he'd said he wanted blue and stars. 
(That made me realise how many blue starry fabric I have!)

These are what I'm using for the ties - and they are from The Resource Centre in Yeovil 
and their facebook page is

This is a fab place ... a treasure trove for crafters! 
I love it here and end up spending quite a bit
with ideas just brimming in my head as to what projects to utilise the treasures I have bought!

With those adjustable woggle thingy-a-ma-gigs!  What are they called?!

I do hope he likes it!

So that's the bits I've been sewing.
I've been knitting as well!  And I have the perfect model in mind!
This one was finished first.  It is the next size up of the Beyond Puerperium cardigan that I love. 
This one is 6-12 months.
And this one isn't blue ... but in a snazzy green combination.

Jack's dad (my brother) loves green, and him and his girlfriend both want bright for Jack
- so this fitted both in my mind!

And with buttons (bright green to match!)

I absolutely love this pattern!  The link for it is here .... 
It is a fantastic design by the very talented Kelly Brooker
I hope to make more of her designs soon. 
Although (whispering here)
 ... she messaged me and asked - as I was such a Beyond Puerperium fan -
if I would test the new pattern format out for it! 
Woo hoo!  Another shoot at the fab BP!

And this is all I had left out of the 100g ball of Stylecraft Merry Go Round yarn in Peacock

And now for the final blue item in this post ...

I saw this advert on the site and thought I'd have a nose.   

Only to find the cutest jumper!  I decided there and then that I wanted to join in the KAL (although it had already started by then!)  by another fab designer 

I chose some Stylecraft Special DK that was already in my stash

A gorgeous turquoise and pure white for the polar bear!
Work in progress!

Nearly there ...

And ta-dah ...

Isn't it cute?! 

I embroidered his eyes and nose on. 

Can't wait to see Jack in it (and in the BP too!)
~~ * * * * * ~~

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Seeing Stars

Thought I'd show you my progress up until now ....

Yesterday was a bit slow-going and I made a couple of really dodgy looking stars
(I'll put those at the end so you can have a giggle!)

Today, however, I am doing okay ... Stars are flying all over the place!!

Now can you see the slightly dodgy
(not really sure if I should include them or unpick them YET again)

~~~~~ ***** ~~~~~

Monday, 20 April 2015

Pretty in Pink

Well today my project is something to do with making this ....

out of THIS .....

Hopefully I'll have more to show you later!  Wish me luck!
~~~ *** ~~~
And for a little extra ....
Here are some of the crochet squares I've finally finished this weekend for swaps I'm taking part in ....


I do love swapping crochet squares with the girls on
as it means I get to try out lots of different colour combinations
that I wouldn't necessarily chose myself
And I end up really liking them when I work on the squares. 
I think there's a billion crochet blankets in my head in all sorts of colour combinations!
*** **** ***

Friday, 17 April 2015

He's here!

He's here!

My favourite little person to create things for right now!
My nephew has arrived in the world and he's a real cutie.  And guess what he's called!

Of course after making personalised bunting for Baby Noah's commission
I thought it would be a lovely idea to make my new nephew some for his bedroom.

I knew they'd bought a cot bumper that was very bright and had lots of polka dot fabric on it. 
 I also knew that my mum had made a patchwork cot quilt in similar fabrics to go with it. 
 So it seemed logical to go for bright colours and polka dots!
I'd cut out all the triangles and had them all laid out. 
I asked Adam when he came into the room if he though the colours were in the right order
- and bless him - he decided they weren't and re-arranged them.
So that was the order I sewed them in!
On the back I went for six different boyish and bright fabrics so that it can be reversible if they wish.  There were boats, monster trucks, rockets, cats, fishing frogs and teddies.

I was really pleased with how it turned out - and the new parents loved it!
As you know I have been knitting for the expected baby too.  Here's the first cardigan I made him - Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker.  I absolutely love this pattern.  I made this one in Sirdar Baby Snuggly - a speckled grey and creamy white colour.  I had it ready for Christmas along with a little owl hat I'd made in the same yarn.  And here he is, in his cardigan, with his eldest cousin - my daughter ...

Don't they look a treat?!

The cardigan was well received and apparently has been worn loads already as they love it and the design. 
That's good, cos I've made two more since!

Newborn size - which is too big right now. 
 He was a lovely healthy size and not a whopper like my three!

And 0 - 3 months in one of my favourite yarns at the moment - Sirdar Montana in the Rodeo shade.

And I made a hat to match this one too -the Aviatrix Hat by Justine Turner -
I wanted one that had a strap and button underneath as my boys were brilliant at pulling their hats off!
Mummy loved this one and said it wouldn't be coming off! 
It was a super knit and one that I will do again.
 Took a little while to get the hang on the short rows but once I got going it was obvious how it was going to work.

I have yet another Beyond Puerperium on my knitting needles in a rather snazzy lime green/petrol/grey/green combo.  I have also been extremely lucky and been gifted a couple of baby patterns from a couple of my Ravelry friends.  They are both a bit different as well - which I like - and so do the brand new parents (along with very bright colours!)
Watch this space for more!
Oh and I'd better get making more for The Crafty Phoenix Lady unit at The Emporium - which is doing rather well right now.  As I think I mentioned before I have another commission from Noah's mummy for two personalised bags.
*   *   *   *   *